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I have a 5 yo daughter and think this is a brilliant toy. All of our kids want our mobile phones, but they are too young. And, when grandma calls, we have to go track down the little one. Well, no more! Toymail Talkies are a vmail messaging platform in the form of a toy for your kids. Approved family and friends can send vmails directly to your kid's toy, and your kid can respond with vmail from the toy. Toy to toy and toy to app communication for a parental approved/managed social network for your child. Plus, many additional fun features. (Disclosure: I am an investor, and Toymail is the only toy investment for Amazon Ventures - future Echo compatibility).
Should add that the Toymail app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.
I don't have kids, but I can imagine my grandmother would love this if it came in a different form factor, like a digital frame or an art object in her home.
@sophiemasure thank you for the heads up!
Seen them and played with them in real life - they're awesome! :)
Really fun integration of tech, just wondering if it needs to be a plush character? What if instead it was a rubber/silicone character that stood up and looked somewhat like a phone?
@mprosenau Hi Michael, actually the first gen version was very similar to what you're describing. The plush character was developed so that children could use form more of a relationship with the toy rather than have a somewhat static object.