World's first smart toy gaming platform

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Cem Nahit Köne
Content Manager, Toyji
Hi hunters, My friends and I have been developing Toyji, for 2 years. As the father of a 3 year old I always try to incorporate my personal experience into the product and this project is very personal for me; that's why I wanted to share it here. Toyji is a personalized smart toy platform that uses interactive, customizable and DIY 3D-printable smart toys as game controllers, offering educational games taking place in a fictional universe. We believe in personalization by and for families. Going beyond smart toy customization, Toyji is further personalized with the integration of families’ schedules into the games (e.g. meal, screen and bed time plans) and with our tangible gaming technology. Our technology fills a space touchscreens, keyboards, mouses and game controllers can't cover and can simultaneously develop general and curricular knowledge, coding, language and social skills, three dimensional thinking, motor skills and a solid understanding of concepts like distance, heaviness and sorting. Best, Cem
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Monika Nowak3d modeler
Does it like mouse for kids?
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