Toybox V2

Audit your site. Find & fix style inconsistencies.

Toybox is a free tool that lets you find style inconsistencies on any web page, fix them, and collaborate with your team.

How it works:

1. Capture any page of your product with 1 click

2. Get detailed stats on the colors, type styles, and spacing you’re using.

3. Add your style guide to view adoption rates and suggestions on how to improve.

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Hey PH! Jono and I are excited to be back on Product Hunt to release the latest version of Toybox - now with style auditing. Our initial users were drawn to Toybox because they wanted to communicate improvements to their website visually - instead of trying to describe changes in emails and Slack threads. We've gotten some great feedback over the past few weeks but one request kept coming up - tell me what's inconsistent about my site's styles. So many teams now have style guides or design systems and having to manually inspect if every color, type style, and space is consistent, is a huge waste of time. We took that feedback to heart and are really excited to share style auditing. Now, you can instantly audit any page of your site, get detailed stats on the styles being used, and know if any style doesn't align with what's in your library. We hope you find this tool useful for your product development process and we'd absolutely love to hear your feedback. We'll be here to answer any questions and comments. Thanks so much everyone!
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Congratulations with the launch. Seems quite convinient tool to work on landing page
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@bitrewards Seconded, homepage demo would be sweet
@bitrewards Thanks! If you get a chance to try it out on any landing pages - let us know what we can do to improve!
@bitrewards @cdypmpr Agreed :) We'll be adding that shortly
Looks cool but honestly I'm hesitant to make YET another account just to see how this works. Perhaps I'll make one with a fake email.
@anna_0x Totally fair lol. You should be able to get started with a fake email no problem :)