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Probably my favorite tagline ever: "3D print your own toys" I love LEGOs but this is next level.
I saw Toybox at Maker Faire last year, and I couldn't believe how much kids seemed to love it. This product definitely feels like LEGOs of the future. (And not in the Dippin' Dots "of the future" way... *actually*!)
I don't remember how much kids toys were, but I imagine this ends up being close to the same price as buying and replacing toys often. @mscccc, let's chip in and get this for @bentossell's kid?
@mscccc @andrewett @bentossell How about this, We'll also help pitch in by knocking $50 off. :)
Seems like a pretty standard low end 3D printer, with the app being the USP. No info about things like temps for the hot end etc. Also seems to be single extruder but images can give the impression of single prints with multiple colours. At least one of the models they display is not "theirs" as in, at least not unique to them (as I've printed it too). But if the app works as well as they portray, maybe this could be a good first 3D printer for some
I literally just assembled my Prusa i3 MK2, but this one looks way easier to use (and more fun).