Instead of buying toys, you can 3D Print them at home while bonding with your child with Toy Maker. Toy Maker is a great way to teach children about technology and 3D Printing while developing their creativity and imagination.

Toy Maker is also an example that shows how developers can reach Desktop 3D Printer owners via AstroPrint's API.

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Parents, here's a 3D toy maker to your rescue.
Hi Hunters (and Gatherers), Thanks for checking out Toy Maker! We built Toy Maker for a few different reasons. Of course, we love toys and we love 3D Printing, but we also wanted to create a reference app for the AstroPrint platform. 🚀 🚀 🚀 A little bit about AstroPrint… AstroPrint is quickly becoming the “Android of the 3D Printing Industry,” which means that we’re standardizing the software and developer ecosystem for the 3DP industry in the same way that Android did for the smartphone industry. Our platform is compatible with 80% of desktop 3D Printers, focuses on simplifying the 3DP process, and includes: Desktop Software, Mobile Apps, Touchscreen Software, APIs, fleet management solutions, and more. With AstroPrint, developers can release apps to 3D Printers as easily as they release apps to smartphones, or they can add 3DP functionality into their existing apps. 🚀 🚀 🚀 With this reference app, we want developers to see what they can do with the AstroPrint platform. With our APIs (and other tools), developers can add 3DP functionality right into apps/games/webpages, such as print-from-app, print-from-web, printer detection/monitoring, simplified 3D Printer management, fleet management, etc. If you have any questions, or if you want to add 3DP functionality into your apps, please let us know! Onwards and Upwards, Drew Taylor CEO, AstroPrint 🚀 🚀 🚀
@drew_taylor1 Let's see how the equity crowdfunding goes but this is a space where the UX is super important. Could tie in quite well with a 3d creation app like Gravity Sketch.
@ppaslier Totally agree! We're a UX first company. We feel like what's held back the 3DP industry is that the hardware engineers have been left to fend for themselves on UX so far... By giving them a simple to use platform, we can flip the industry, turning 3DPs into devices that are "Apple Simple" to use. In regards to the equity crowdfunding, it's going well. Keep in mind that it's a bit of an experiment for us. We raised ~$900K from angels and VCs prior to running the campaign... In regards to Gravity Sketch: I have an HTC Vive and am a HUGE VR fan... We would love to have some tools like this use our APIs to add print-from-VR functionality... If you know some folks over there, LMK!
If I had a 3D printer this would be the first thing I would try today.
@nyjetlife ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)