Toy Faces Library

A fun diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups.

Toy Faces is a fun diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups and personal use. Inspired mostly by ordinary folks and some troublemakers Toy Faces helps your designs to be a bit more fun and diverse.
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I created this while in quarantine. There were days where I doubted the point of making design assets while the world is dealing with so much tragedy. Then one day I came across this article of a group of anime lovers living in the beautiful yet very troubled region of Kashmir. They mashed up Miyazaki's art with beautiful raw imagery of Kashmir and looking at that my doubts disappeared. This bundle of 3D avatars is to help add a little more fun and diversity to your designs. Design needs better representation and diversity, this is just a small step from my side to offer more of it. I would request everyone to provide constructive feedback on how Toy Faces can represent better. Okay, I am done talking hope you show this some love, stay safe! πŸ¦„πŸ˜Š
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@amritpaldesign I’m curious about the article, can you post the link here?
@cenk here is a link it's the last part of the article. Basically a twitter thread started by animae lovers. It's beautiful.
@amritpaldesign what an absolutely amazing set of designs.
@amritpaldesign I'm so curious what software you used to make these, they are amazing!!
Really interesting idea! Very modern implementation. It is very cool that people of different nationalities are represented!
@twinklee_ee Thank you so much, I will be adding more nationalities. 😊
@amritpaldesign Do not forget to add the Belarusians! :)
Love the variety and diversity of the characters. Amazing work.
@stuti_bhageria Thank you so much!
Nice! These look way more fun than any avatars I've seen for design mockups. Diversity is the cherry on top 🌈 πŸ‘
@niirehtak Thank you so much! 😊
Very awesome!
@jerome_gaston Thank you :)