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Personalized news without the echo chamber

TownSquare is redefining how we discover and consume news by removing echo chambers and enabling thoughtful, respectful discussion. The AI-powered app displays curated articles from the day's most important stories that both match and challenge your views.
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2 Reviews5.0/5

I know this team well and love their vision first mind-set. They are trying to fix news and protect democracy, hard not to be behind a company doing something like that.


Best news curation I've seen and actively challenges your beliefs


Could do better on breaking news as it happens.

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out TownSquare News! I work as the head of content and community for TownSquare News so please let us know what you think! We wanted to build something that helps us talk to people in our lives that think differently than us. There are too many stories of people no longer speaking to relatives or friends because of disagreements on political and social issues. We believe that we can find a better way forward that encourages discussion instead of shying away from it.
Interesting product would like to learn more
@tjpatel Great to meet you Trishul, I'm on the team at TownSquare. Is there anything I can clarify? feel free to shoot me an email