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Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta@katoree · Product at Mapfit
Great concept of lists! If it gets active contributions regularly, I think it can really be the updated version of those Foursquare List's that really haven't been updated much by users anymore. Add BOSTON and I'll contribute quite a bit. @patcheung I'm curious as to how you're getting people to give it a try and contribute?
Pat Cheung
Pat CheungMaker@patcheung · Founder and Product Designer
@katoree Thanks! Boston is definitely on our radar :) . Currently we're mainly focused on building content. We're hoping to reach out the the foodie and city blogger community more. We're also reaching out the businesses to help get them excited about these lists. All that said...we're open to ideas :)
Josue Gio
Josue Gio@josuegio · - Independent news media
it would be great to check just a list of new openings in a city... I think that using the Foursquare API it could be archived, new spots in a city is something that foodies would love..
Pat Cheung
Pat CheungMaker@patcheung · Founder and Product Designer
@josuegio great idea! I think whatever is new is definitely interesting to locals. I'll look into the Foursquare API to see if they'd be able to provide such a list. Thanks!