Report parking violations & dangerous driving in real time.

TowIt is the global, cross-platform mobile application that allows civilians to report selfish or illegal parking and dangerous driving in real time. TowIt works with municipal governments, local law enforcement, and towing companies to remove the barriers required to make cities effectively fight and deter bad parking and dangerous driving habits.

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You should rename the app "Dry Snitch"
@mattblackpageux Sounds like somebody may have a bad case of entitlement. You should get that checked out before you hurt somebody.
@gorf oof didn't think the butthurt would be so real on this one, my baddd
I wonder how this sits with the upcoming data regulations about to drop here in Europe. It may fall foul of sharing an image of my car and my registration plate without my consent.
@mickc79 TowIt is a Canadian company and only adheres (and subjects users) to Canadian law. In Canada, the legal precedent has been set that _anyone_ could be driving any particular vehicle, therefore a license plate is not personally identifiable information. There's also no reasonable expectation of privacy in the public realm. I hope European courts come to the same consensus, especially as the majority of our users are in Portugal.
@gorf I feel sad for Canadians then. Everyone should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Also just something you should check out. It doesn’t matter where your app is hosted or founded. Any companies operating within Europe are subject to GDPR. Although I think there may be a company size limit which would go in your favour.
@mickc79 Do you really believe it's reasonable to have vehicle license plates protected when literally every single camera (phone, traffic, news, dash, rear-view, or even a photographer on the sidewalk) can capture them as they're in the public domain- especially while breaking established laws, and potentially inconvincing others or putting them in harm's way? There are automatic license plate readers that police and private companies worldwide are already using to scan and document every plate as they drive around. Don't feel bad for Canadians- it's a progressive precedent. We’re just tying to stop people from being jerks. “Operating” is a bit of a stretch.
@gorf it’s not about what I believe. It’s about what the new law states.
@gorf @mickc79 I've got to say, we have some horrible drivers here and this is a fantastic way to fix it; Also the law governing that _anyone_ could be driving is great logistically. Canadians already share photos on Twitter, Etc. About bad drivers & parking.
Great job !! Is it only applicable to Canada ?? Or are you gonna expand your app to other European and Asians Country?
Thanks @ayush_chandra! The app works everywhere in the world. If you'd like to see it connected in your area, please feel free to talk to your local government representative about the benefits of such an application. For more information, please do check out our website and/or Wikipedia page (linked on the post).
Actually... This is good idea. people can check themselves based on their car license about driving complaints from others. Probably address verification via DMV API (If it exists) can lock down complaints to just the owner.
@jojithumma Appreciate the praise, Joji!
I personally like the concept :) will check it out :) congrats on the release!
@kydyzyx Thanks Kydy! Happy reporting!