A concierge service to give good jewelry

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Nic Guerra-Mondragon
Nic Guerra-MondragonMaker@nicgdragon · Co-Founder of Tove & Biz Dev @Sincerely
A few months ago I went shopping for jewelry to gift to @jennatovi, and I realized that not a single retailer catered to customers like me...Men who want to buy something special, but need some guidance and don't want to be overwhelmed by a salesperson, fluorescent lights, option overload, or even worse; a shitty UI. Since then @jennatovi and I have been working diligently on a solution and today we present you with our proof of concept: An approachable concierge service designed to match thoughtful men with gorgeous, unique fine jewelry pieces that they know their recipient will love. We plan on launching our beta ecommerce store in a few weeks. Please sign up and give us feedback :)
Matt Brezina
Matt Brezina@brezina · ceo, sincerely
Need this for my wifey. Jewelry shopping can and should be better
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Landing page asks for my email without showing me anything else? Not something I'd sign up for. I'd suggest making the page more explanatory so people actually know what they are signing up for (if they want to).
Nic Guerra-Mondragon
Nic Guerra-MondragonMaker@nicgdragon · Co-Founder of Tove & Biz Dev @Sincerely
@jay_bee12345 I'm happy to hear that you find value in what we are offering. Thank you for sharing your additional thoughts. I think the idea is interesting, however given current trends in retail I think the future is in mobile. I would be hesitant to implement a solution that is dependent on the existence of brick & mortar stores. But I think you could extrapolate the essence of your idea to be part of an online solution. :)
JB@jay_bee12345 · Founder
@nicgdragon I agree with your statements.. As I respect your knowledge on the subject over mine.. If you ever wish to reconsider.. I would like to synapse the concept to the phrase.. "Uber for Jewelry Purchases" ;) Best regards to your success & have a nice weekend! Jaswinder Brar