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TourWithMe is a new peer to peer tourism platform, which connects locals with travelers for the most authentic experience. Currently there are thousands of unique personal tours around the world in the app and more to come. Feel free to send us any feedback: - Luke, MyYam
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What is the incentive for a local to want to share their knowledge with a visitor? Travel is a very competitive arena, how do you plan to combat that?
@bentossell Great questions! Thank you! :) Locals are usually very proud of their hometown/city and love to show it off and make sure visitors have a good time. By sharing with visitors their knowledge, locals can also earn extra income with flexible hours. TourWithMe provides a direct platform just to do that. We made TourWithMe because we wanted to create a smooth mobile and peer to peer authentic experience, in contrast to the traditional tourism industry. We will use our years of data science experience to deliver better content to our users and to ensure Trust & Safety of our platform.
@lukiesky @bentossell It's a weird social thought process to "rent a friend", which seems to be what paying locals to provide knowledge/tours is. But maybe I'm wrong. This comes down to incentives. As I said about AirBnB experiences ( -- I'm still not solidly convinced there is a middle ground that makes financial sense for people to take time out of their day to walk around with tourists all day. Tours certainly work on the high end ( but the middle ground is basically to "rent" a friend for the day.
@drewmeyers @bentossell Speaking of personal experience, I travel often and the locals I have met are usually extremely friendly and happy to share their knowledge and their favorite places/things. I would do the same if time permits for visitors as well. Thanks for Airbnb and Uber, sharing economy has been widely recognized and indeed improving our day to day experience. For tours, we believe in the near future, everyone can have their private guide. :)
@lukiesky @bentossell "I would do the same if time permits for visitors as well." The key word is "if time permits". Most people have jobs, commitments, etc. I am happy to play tour guide from time to time as well if my friends are in town. And sure, if I meet a visitor at a coffee shop or restaurant or on the bus, I'm more than happy to help them with some advice -- but that's very different than playing tour guide. There needs to be a fairly large incentive for me to put aside my day, and go spend a few hours with someone I have no prior relationship with. How much will travelers pay? And how much do hosts need to get paid to do it? Do those two numbers align?
@drewmeyers @bentossell A good point on the time, that's why a tour host can specify the price just like any marketplace. It will be aligned with how much traveler pay and we offer various tours to choose from. We want to provide an environment to facilitate this process and to create the smooth experience.
Cool. Congrats Luke!
@xngwng Thank you Xing! :)
Hey, very nice idea! Authentic tours from locals are a great way to learn about a place. And there are some really cool activities already, so good job on the provider side. 2 questions: - Why did you decide to go mobile only? From what I see there is no possibility to book via desktop, right? - How are you better/different to existing services like
@gam0r Hi Alex, -Our next step is to build a web app. We decided to start with mobile, because it will be more convenient for travelers. -We're broader in our coverage than withlocals, and give our users a lot of flexibility in what they provide.
How are the people doing the tours vetted for quality by the app? Or is it a peer/user rating system - and a try it and see?
@normanpeires Great question. It is a user rating/reference/review system, combined with our trust and safety team working to ensure the quality. To start, it is a reference system.