The 1st meta-search engine for tours and travel activities

TourScanner is the 1st search-engine which aggregates thousands of tours and travel activities, ranging from city tours to extreme sports. The users can easily find the best catalogue and compare the prices offered by several websites.

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Hey Simone, Seems like a cool product. How do you guys differentiate it in terms of value addition from existing big players in industry ?
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@adeelfaisal2 thank you for the question. We want to facilitate the search and the price comparison of tours & travel activities, becoming the no.1 meta-search engine for this segment.
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Seems a bit disingenuous to call this the 1st tours and activities meta-search given that PlacePass exists.
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@saggesenicholas Thank you for your comment. Even if Placepass exists since few months before us, we think to have a different vision and product roadmap. We want to continue with a pure meta-searcher model (not switching to an reseller model). Until now, we have included a larger number of providers and we are working on many tools to improve the possibility to quickly find and compare the activities.
Such a clean platform. Good job!
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@duyen_la Thank you!! :)
tourism useful and necesary.
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Interesting and convenient program
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