Explore more than 400 000 hidden tourist places in Europe.

#4 Product of the DayMay 26, 2019
Explore hidden tourist places on a special PULSE map. Search for big red circles to find TOP tourist places or small blue circles to find tourist places that almost nobody knows. Based on Wikipedia data.
  • Pros: 

    Nice app, easy to mark "favourites" and come back to them later. Has many places in nature in comparison to other apps.


    It has only Europe at the moment.

    Going to test my fist trips with TourPickr next weekend.

    Kristína Mizeráková has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Bubble map is great. I've tried to find something in Spain. I've got hundreds of tips, some of them has been splendid!


    Only Europe is covered.

    Definitely worth trying, really great alternative to TripAdvisor.

    Johnathan Cleevback has used this product for one day.
Early access available on Play Store now! Feedback appreciated.
Thanks for the product. From the homepage, the places are not secret. The map experience is not the optimal(the experience of OSM is so bad to be honest). strongly recommend google map API. Please check this out, it covers the whole world and it's secret enough. Atlas Obscura
@yellingbytes Thanks for the feedback! You can actually switch map layers in the app menu (bottom left button then Layers). I know Google Maps but if I know, they don't have some kind of "outdoor" maps, just streets. This is not enough because TourPickr has many places in nature. What do you mean by "the places are not secret"? There are no secrets in my app :)
@ladislav_salom I mean they are not hidden enough. if they are wellknown, i don't have the need to use your app.
@yellingbytes I see. I'll show on the homepage something more hidden (unknown). The website has almost no features compared to the Android app, though. In the app, you can just zoom the map and reveal small blue circles - these are the truly hidden places - small castles, lakes, churches etc.