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The #1 perk people want at work is job growth, yet most companies only pay lip service to this. It's a major contributor to the fact that the average tenure at a job for Millennials is as low as 2.2 years; people look for growth by changing jobs instead of growing with the company. I read the Alliance by Reid Hoffman ( a couple years ago and loved how he made it so clear and explicit how they are intentional about growth at Linkedin. They do this by having "Tours of Duty" for employees that set up what the company and the employee will both do over a defined period of time that leads to both sides getting what they want. After that time is up, they can create a new tour to accomplish more growth. Ryan has built a great site now to make it easy to discover more jobs that offer a "Tour of Duty" like experience. For people hungry to grow, this is a nice way to find the companies doing more than talking about growth.
@evanish I'm really grateful for you posting the site and think your intro comment is right on. Too many employees feel they have to abandon ship the second they feel they are no longer being challenged in their role. What the tour of duty framework does is allows both employee and manager to take responsibility in setting proper expectations around the employee's career by having candid conversations about what it is they are at the company to accomplish. I've incorporated some of the concepts of the framework in my own role with my boss and I've already seen positive results. We have more open dialogue, we can be frank about the objective I'm on, and if the time were to come that I need to move on from the company, it won't be an awkward departure. Thank you again and I'm stoked what you guys are doing over at Lighthouse helping employees and managers with their 1:1 meetings. Hope there is more collaboration in the future.
Hi PH Community! Let’s face it. Employment looks way different than it did even 20 years ago with the idea of staying at one company for your entire career sounding like nonsense. There’s an emerging framework to go about structuring an employment agreement that confronts today’s job-hopper realities and that benefits both company and employee. It’s called the tour of duty. It’s a concept that Linkedin Founder Reid Hoffman and his co-authors created in their book, The Alliance. Tour of Duty Jobs provides a way for companies who have adopted the framework, to some degree, to post roles and attract the kind of talent who are hungry for this type of opportunity; talent who have a growth mindset and who want to accomplish big, meaningful objectives in order to further their careers. I hope you’ll check out the site, share with your coworkers, and send me your candid feedback. Best, Ryan