Automatic mileage tracking with iBeacon + Foursquare support

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Hey PHers, we're glad to introduce you Tour, a fully automatic mileage tracking app for iOS. Tour senses whether you’re on foot or going by car. It automatically tracks your mileage and let’s you easily choose the places you’ve visited via Foursquare. With todays update we've also added "iBeacon Car Detection" into the app. Simply put an iBeacon into your car and Tour only tracks mileage with YOUR car and skips any other rides (e.g. with your bike, public transport ...). We believe that being on tour is great but having to track mileage the old ways isn’t. With Tour you can even share the pleasure of a nice business trip with your friends at home. What makes Tour special: - There were three goals when we developed Tour: Mileage tracking should be easy, automatic and social. - Tour offers a very slick and intuitive user interface. - Visited places can simply be selected from Foursquare. - Tour senses whether you’re on foot or going by car and only tracks driving. - Together with iBeacon Car Detection it only tracks rides with your car. Please ask for any questions or feedback!
Yes! Finally an affordable automatic mileage tracking app that looks great and has all the right features. @mariobreid is the odometer optional? I'd only like to track the start and end locations and the total amount of km's.
@t55 Thanks for that kind feedback! It basically is, you can just start with 00000 and ignore it. However, it's good to get that feedback because this was something that we discussed during development ... making it optional or not. Let us know if you'd prefer an option to fully hide it.
@mariobreid an option to fully hide it would be perfect. Carwise it would probably be ok to display it, but driverswise I would prefer the hidden option. Tripwise I sometimes drive with someone else's car, so the odometer is of no need there...
@t55 I see. Just to let you know ... multi car support is on the roadmap.
@mariobreid Thanks! I'm on my way to the In App Purchases section :)