Time tracking + productivity analytics

Time tracking allows you to take control of your time. The next time you do something like driving, sleeping or working, track it using TouchTime to see where you actually spend your time vs where you think you do.
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Really cool app! Why don't you consider posting this on as well?
@hrishikesh1990 sounds good, will do šŸ‘
I've built multiple time tracking apps and this is one of them! How it works: You set up an activity and the next time you do that activity, you just click the icon and it starts tracking how much time you spent on that activity. You can stop/pause an timers you currently have, you can start multiple timer if you'd like. After that, you'll be able to see all the statistics and history related to that activity. Setting up an activity: To set up a new activity icon, you'll click on the + icon. In the new screen, you can add a name and set an icon for that activity. There are over 1000 icons to choose from, you can search through icons using keywords. By long pressing an icon you'll be able to choose a color for your icon. Deleting and changing activities: To delete, change or change the position of the icon we added a drag and drop feature. Long press an icon to delete or change. Calendar: You can now see all the activities that you did during any chosen day. Add, delete or change any activity events. What you can change: start time, finish time, add a comment and you can even share that activity event. Statistics: We added very detailed statistics so that that you can know exactly what's going on. Detailed activities statistics, Category statistics and Productivity statistics. If you have any suggestions on the features that I should add let me know!
App looks lit :)
When is this App available on Apple App store?