TouchRemove is an Android app to quickly remove annoying objects from your photos. Mask and remove annoying powerlines, tourists, objects etc. easily.

The algorithm (content-aware fill) automatically fills and paints the masked area.

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I'd love to see an iOS version.
@joshlewis TouchRetouch has been around for a while for iOS.
@poet But not this particular app, just similar apps, right?
@joshlewis Correct. Just similar name and, well, purpose.
Some more details for the technical minded people: The used algorithm is based on PatchMatch, one of the best known in-painting-algorithms (a variant of it is also used in Photoshop). I implemented the algorithm in Renderscript, which gives a massive speed boost over plain Java. Contact me if you have any questions.
Erasing a background is useful. But extracting cutouts from images is even more useful. Could you use your algorithm to parse an image into layers?
@lew42dotcom cool idea, I'll have to think about it...
I'm so excited to try this

Tried this app with a photo and it didn't work at all, it left a mess where the object was. Tried a free alternative on the same photo and it worked to perfection. Uninstalled this one immediately.


None really.


Didn't work.