A toolkit to help startups work with corporates more easily.

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Thanks for hunting @stef! Hopefully Touchpaper can help a whole bunch of Product Hunt startups to be better prepared to work with corporates - it's not an easy path to take, which is exactly why we decided to look at providing some help here. There's plenty to do from the corporate perspective too as there are challenges on both sides. We launched yesterday after 18 months of research, interviews and writing (with a focus on condensing the content - no one has time to read pages and pages of research!) There's a lot to do around having fit for purpose procedures (on the corp side) and being prepared for those procedures (on the startup side). The general themes are trust, clear, candid communication & expectations and also empathy - understanding the other party's position. If anyone has any feedback on the site or the content, or has any different viewpoints/experiences, we'd love to hear from you!
I've been following the development of this non-profit project for the last couple of years and it has just launched. Essentially, if corporates and startups can collaborate you end up with some great opportunities – big reach for big ideas. If you do it right, that is. From experience, it's hard to get the right set of conditions set up for a good collaboration and I've seen startups reinventing the wheel when it comes to developing a partnership with a big brand. Over to @joescarboro who's been working on a set of tools that make that collaboration easier and to stop us all reinventing the wheel. Could be pretty helpful.
I've been waiting for this to come out and am super excited to sign up - as an early stage startup it offers great support. Congratulations Joe on launching! You need to get it into the awesome 'free stuff for startups' list by @hnshah
Great work @joescarboro - I see this need right before my eyes on a weekly basis. Kudos.
@tarekp Thanks Tarek, we can't make it easy, but we can make it easier! I see a lot of mistakes being made that can be avoided to the benefit of both corps and startups. The ship is gradually turning, but it's s l o w, I'm hoping that Touchpaper can be the metaphorical tugboat! Would be really interested to hear your thoughts on the content.
@joescarboro this is awesome!!!! Having previously run IBM's global entrepreneur program I can really relate to the content. Any plans to turn this into an ebook / audible? Think this would be great in other formats :)
@jonbstrong Thanks Jonathan! No plans for any other format just yet, but I'll be asking the community on what else they want to see from us, so please bring up it then! (you can also download the content from