The first ever smartwatch dedicated keyboard

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Jonathan Del Hoyo@jhondel · CEO @
Not convinced that a watch needs a keyboard but why not. Wishing you the same luck as this:
Raul Riera@raulriera · I make things
@jhondel heh yeah, I saw that logo as well
Chris DuellHunter@duellsy · CEO & Co-Founder @elevioapp
@jhondel oh wow!
Matt Kremer@matthewkremer · Blogging at
@jhondel Yeah, looks like a cool idea, but definitely not a fan in the similarity of the logo here. Too many connotations right of the bat, and business wise you may ostracize half of your audience subliminally.
Alex Wolkov ☭@altryne · UX, Front End
This site is horribly difficult to navigate with a trackpad/magic mouse. Scrolling scrolls 2 pages by default
Jingtao HuMaker@jingtaoh
@altryne thanks for the feedback, We will update the website. Also we will build a phone version of our website.
Sam Hutchings@smutchings · Freelance Copywriter
I can see this happening on Android Wear, but I never see Apple letting this app through. They're not looking at the Watch using a keyboard as any kind of input device, and the design doesn't fit with Apple's HIG at all.
Jingtao HuMaker@jingtaoh
@smutchings It will surely fit Apple's interface. We will release the TouchOne for Apple Watch soon
Sam Hutchings@smutchings · Freelance Copywriter
@jingtaoh Apple asks that Apple Watch apps be predominantly black. Unless you've got a colour change in mind for Apple Watch, I don't see Apple approving this. I also don't see how it's better than dictation.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Check out the video in the Media Gallery - wonder if this could work
Jingtao HuMaker@jingtaoh
@bramk Thanks Bram. Do you have a smartwatch?? We can send a test APK for you to test on your smartwatch if you have one of the android wears. Please note, you will need some ADB push skills for installing a test APK for Android Wearable.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@jingtaoh nope, no watch :)
Jingtao HuMaker@jingtaoh
Feel free to drop us test requests on our website, we will email you with the test APK for Android Wearable