Send Real Post cards and Greeting cards from your Phone.

  • Pros: 

    the cards... at first anyway


    quit being sleazy (see below)

    ​Touchnote deceptively advertises their premium service and the refuses prorated refunds when they deliver something different. All their photos and the card on the app looks one way, and then the card they send out has their logo re-inserted and the rest of the format jumbled. When the I objected they used the excuse of American postal regulations and they have the right to send a different looking card. Do you really want to have a company sending things to your family and friends when they believe they have the right to change it first? It would be very easy to show what their premium service postcards would actually look like BEFORE one places an order. Since they don't, they should be willing to give a prorated refund. Instead they trap you into paying for a year with their fine print contracts. Their "customer care" person is currently abusing the Trustpilot site by flagging all bad (yet honest) reviews so they will be buried by the time Trustpilot gets around to reinstating them. A company that spends more time hiding their poor practices instead of fixing them will likely go out of business soon. Be careful in sending your money to Touchnote.

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Merry Xmas everyone :) Print and Send beautiful postcards/greeting cards from your computer or your mobile phone that will be delivered anywhere across the world with a minimal fee. Image customization comes with filters (although they aren’t too many), and preset greeting messages with templates as well.