Touchmoon Messenger

All you need to bring emotion to messaging

Touchmoon Messenger is a new messaging app with different UI and strong emphasis on the user emotions inside the chat. There are numerous fantastic features, from topic organization and chat privacy to message filtering and searching, games, etc. It’s available for iPhone; Android version coming soon!

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20 Reviews5.0/5

no-effort. when i was sending my first text it was like i used it before. very simple to use, manage conversations and contacts


fun and convenient topic-based chats, fantastic visuals


they could add a few more games

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hopefilly a lot of my friends will download it so we can comunicate with Touchmoon


animations, around me feature, your own voice call....


missing android version but as far as I know they are working on it

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Hi Product Hunt, thank you Tom for publishing this. Anyway, I lead the dev team, and want to thank all of them personally for reaching out this goal. So, thank you Martin, Denis, Orest, Luko, Mav3rick, Luka, Stjepan, Selena, Sonja, Mia... Without you, it would not be possible at all! We were fighting (and still do) the top applications in this area; Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, IG, TG, SC... what not, and believe me, they have THOUSANDS of developers, against our 5-ish... But, it is still a fair fight with you on our side. We managed to push it out and will continue to grow, no matter what. We promise you, well keep being SECURE, PRIVATE, EMOTION-SHARING, WARM and LOVING app you need, with ONE goal in mind: connect people by sharing an emotion. Lets gather enough people to touch the Moon by holding hands! So please, help us: spare a moment to up-vote this app, maybe write a kind word about it. We will appreciate all of your comments!
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Best messenger I've seen so far!
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Hi Product Hunters, thank you for your support. I'm Tomislav Krnic, developer & UI designer. It is not easy to develop a messenger from scratch, put a lot features and keep interface clean and user friendly. We developed a number of versions, every detail was tested and now you can test Touchmoon Messenger v.1.0 Especially I would ask UI designers for review. What you think about layout? The great challenge was the animated header in the topics. Our goal is put emotions in every conversation. What you think? I look forward to your reviews. Thank you guys. Best, Tomislav
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