Touchjet WAVE

Turn Your TV into a Touchscreen

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Touchjet WAVE simply brings everything we do on small smartphones and tablets on much bigger touchscreens - TVs and monitors. I'm a tech mom. So we have lots of gadgets. Wouldn't it be cool that we play mobile games and share content on the TV? Iron Man does it with his fingers. So when investors told me people don't want to touch their TVs when I pitched it, I decided to pursue crowdfunding. BTW You can use stylus and your smartphone to interact with the WAVE. It's mobile computing on TV which becomes a giant tablet and connects with iPhones and Android devices so we can actually collaborate between small private screens and a large interactive space. Much much easier than interactive whiteboard ... with a lot more content and apps. #RideTheWAVE
Already 150% funded, congratulations! Is there one app you see as the "killer" app?
@noahtovares thank you! Great question about the "killer" app. Everyone seems to find their own "killer app". Personally, I love PowerPoint. Swiping from slide to slide and then making changes or annotations right on the screen changes the way you interact with presentations.
@saulsutcher sounds cool! Can multiple people interact simultaneously during a presentation??
@noahtovares yes, the WAVE currently supports up to 4 simultaneous touches. We're also developing a mobile app you can use to interact with the WAVE from across the room. The app also gives you the ability to send a file from your device onto the screen.
After watching the video on the indiegogo page, I decided right then to pre-order one. Looks really impressive, can't wait to get my unit!
@jakelprice thank for backing us on Indiegogo! Glad you are as excited as us.
I also added this to my New Technology collection! I can't believe they have over 1,000 funders in two days!
Great idea, should come with a packet of wipes though for all of the smudges!
@amitch5903 Thanks for the note. We had this concern when we created our first prototypes as well. We've mitigated this issue a few different ways: 1. Technically you don't have to do a full press on the screen. The WAVE works by creating a plane of infrared light just on top of your tv screen. You only have to break that plane. As a result we find that fingerprints become less of a issue as it is a different tap than say on a phone with capacitive touch. 2. You can also use a stylus instead of your finger. 3. We're creating a companion mobile app you can use to control the tv.
@amitch5903 I Googled it, and it seems like there are a lot of screen protector solutions on the market. I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped on this too.