Touchjet Pond

The world's only touchscreen smart projector

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It's been 7 years since Johnny Lee's TED talk in using the Wii system to create a low-cost interactive whiteboard. The possibilities for this are huge. Everything from classrooms, to seminars, to going over latest design choices and working through live iterations. I'm happy to see a company come and simplify this all into a small package that anyone can pick up and begin using immediately.
@gregbarbosa I actually did try it back in 2008! this was really great and is sad schools or any other place have not adapted it...maybe lack of more compatible software? or companies willing to do it? will be awesome that someone did a $50 external peripheral for PCs....
Heard about this today - will be seeing a demo in the next couple of weeks. Was told 'as soon as you see it you'll want it'. Looks useful and fun.
Great product, I can see this being very useful in schools as a cheaper substitute to SmartBoards. Heck, at that price point I'll talk to my boss about it and maybe get one for the office.
Really neat idea and looks well executed. Though I had to dig to fine the projector resolution and was bummed to see it is only 854 × 480. If it had been at least 720p I probably would have pulled the trigger and gotten one.