Trackable and helpful stickers for your favourite things

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Love this idea! I see this being especially life-changing for older folks with mild forms of dementia.
That is actually how it started. My girlfriend and I won a hackathon by Google and Allianz on solutions for the elderly. We had the mobile prototype and proposed it to be inside a smart watch So people can remember where they left their car, took med, locked the door. We then found out that younger people wanted it, too :)
I'm pretty gutted that these are only for Android at the moment, because they look really cool. Nice and cheap too!
What's the #1 use case you have seen?
We first thought we should focus on one vertical usecase. But everyone wanted different ones. Building a horizontal startup is crazy and against common sense, but we are trying it anyway. We have 10 more usecases ready if this flies.
@riaface we hope that iOS can happen later this year after WWDC :)
@photodiary Sweet! Keep me posted :)
Are these NFC tags? If so, I worked on something similar a few years ago. Still waiting for iOS to enable discovery mode...
@kelseymwhelan Yes, they are customised NFC tags. We also have a BLE Version, but the NFC actually ended better in tests, believe it or not, mainly because of lack of battery and because the experience is more 'active'. We are avoiding using NFC in the branding, since it is a very technical term that turns people off immediately.
@photodiary Awesome... I noticed you used the term 'touchable-enabled'.. seems like a good call. Good luck! :)
@kelseymwhelan Lovely! Am with you on your thoughts on iOS. Get in touch with us at if you want to test them and give us feedback :)
Server over quota 😢
@lalleclausen Fixed now, I hope...