Touch Bar Timer

A little stopwatch for your Mac's touch bar

Touch Bar Timer is a little stopwatch for your Mac’s touch bar.

Tap to start/stop

Double-tap to reset

Hold to open the app preferences

More background:

It's also open source! Thanks to Pixel Point, whose "Mute Me" app was the starting point for this project.

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Thanks for trying it out everyone! Please get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions. Did anyone find the easter egg on the landing page yet?
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@alexzirbel I found it on accident at first! Love it.
Great stuff, do you plan on adding an actual Timer to this instead of just stop watch?
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@mykro thanks for trying it out! I don't plan to add a timer, because I think existing non-touchbar apps do that quite well and I'm not sure what the touch bar would add. I may eventually add a pomodoro mode, though. And I'm happy to accept pull requests for other features.
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@mykro Wow, It will be so cool if you can add a pomodoro to this.
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@alexzirbel Haha you read my mind, this is exactly what I was hoping to use the timer for ;)
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@alexzirbel @mykro YES PLEASE! This is quite literally the only reason I have the menu bar showing. This would be a great use of my otherwise useless touch bar.
@mykro @alexzirbel Pomodoro mode will be great! That's how I got to find your timer...
Beautifully simple. Just what I need.
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This is a great app, Alex! Thank you for building it. The only thing I'd suggest would be to add a Pomodoro feature or count down. Btw, loved the easter egg on the landing page.
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This looks useful! Downloaded and using ✨