Touch Bar Simulator lets you use the Touch Bar on any Mac.

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I recently got into macOS development [0] and Swift, and I'm currently working on an app where I want to support the Touch Bar. I don't have the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, so I was stuck with having to launch the simulator from inside Xcode. I built this app to make it easier to code and design for the Touch Bar. Not everyone has or even wants Xcode installed, for example, designers, non-developers, or developers making apps with Electron (which now supports the Touch Bar). This app bundles the Touch Bar simulator at build time so users don't need to have Xcode installed. It also adds a handy screenshot button. I'm happy to entertain other useful features. Note that it requires macOS 10.12.2 or later. It's of course open-source. Contributions welcome! :) [0]:
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@sindresorhus you had me at "I recently got into macOS development [0] and Swift..." - thats great, how long have you been learning?
@raj_ventures About 3 months.
That's a very good alternative to buying a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 😂
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@lisadziuba LOL exactly my thought! :D
@lisadziuba haha this was actually my situation. i was considering getting the new MBP after the superb Apple marketing videos... but after trying the touch bar in Duet Display, it was easy to see the touch bar wasn't for me. saved $1990.00 :)
@johnnylin lol :) you Apple marketing almost got you!
Looks great! QAs and Designers could use this simulator to test Touch Bar support without installing Xcode and stuff. Screenshot button also would be useful for them 😉 Well done!
The screenshot icon takes the screenshot of touchbar itself.
@arunpattnaik That's a feature. What did you expect?
@sindresorhus @arunpattnaik to open facetime or screenshot?
@thisdickie @sindresorhus The icon made me think it'll open photo booth. Screenshot-ing the touchbar didn't intuitively cross my mind. But then I'm not a developer, so it could be just me.
@sindresorhus @arunpattnaik I think maybe you're thinking that that button is on a real touch bar as's not...that's just for this app to grab a screenshot of the touch bar. (There is a screenshot button you can add to the system button area, but that's another story).
@sindresorhus I'm a big fan of the simplicity of your first mac app, Battery Indicator. Looks like you're getting into mac dev deeply!! I'm curious about the mindset behind these apps
@tchret I'm starting out by solving my own problems. Both Battery Indicator and the next app I'm working on, are apps I really want to use myself. I approach app development by thinking - How simple can I make this app while still solving the 95% use-case? I deliberately try to have as few settings as possible, as most users just want a great experience than having to configure one themselves.