Buy and sell kids fashion right from your phone

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VijayRamaniMaker@vjayramani · CEO, Totspot
Totspot is revolutionizing how moms shop and sell kids apparel. Monetize kids closets: Totspot is the easiest and most lucrative marketplace for moms to sell (new and used kids apparel). Take a pic from iPhone, list with just a few taps and under 60 seconds. Remember, $50B worth kids fashion is added to kids closets every year. Shop kids closets: Shop new and used kids apparel on the go. Just as a comparison to a discount flash commerce behemoth, Totspot has 5x brands listed and we only started 6 months ago, up to 70% OFF retail, and fashion ships to your doorstep within 7 days on average. Quality? We have systems in place to ensure quality, and our 0.2% returns is testimonial to the fact that our system is working. We are excited about the community, engagement and repeat commerce on the marketplace. Download the app by clicking link above and ask q's.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the traction, @vjayramani. Totspot has a typical chicken-and-egg challenge building a two-sided market. How are you approaching this? Is one side easier than the other (buyers vs. sellers)?
VijayRamaniMaker@vjayramani · CEO, Totspot
@rrhoover great question. One of the unique aspects of our marketplace is that sellers are buyers. As kids grow, moms sell their kid's gently-used clothes and buy fashion for their kid's next age and stage. This ensure ongoing liquidity in the marketplace. When we started building the marketplace, we did several hacks to create supply, and when supply depth and width improved, demand has followed.