Totals for Uber

See how many miles you've traveled and hours spent in Uber

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This was a weekend project of mine for the Uber API hackathon ( - I thought it'd be cool to see stats about your Uber rides, like miles travelled, hours spent inside an Uber and waiting for it to arrive. Also how many rides you've done in each type of Uber car. There's a leaderboard too, so I'm excited to see who can top it! πŸ˜„
@bryceadams this is really cool - nice work! quick question: noticed the hours sometimes being > 24 (e.g. on mine, it says total riding time is 1d 29h 47m, and a couple others on the leaderboard running into this issue) -- I'm assuming it's just not dividing by 24/calculating the remainder?
@wtwht Thanks! Ah, my bad. Originally it just showed hours but some people were at 500h+ so I tried to add days. Fixed now ✌️
Awesome idea! Great work on the design too.
This is pretty cool! Currently #7.
wow, love it. Was surprised how much I am using Uber.
@chrisgeorgiev Thanks Chris! It gets us all by surprise πŸ˜›
@bryceadams >100 rides in 3 months!!
The design is slick I love it!
@michaelhwan Thanks Michael! That means a lot to a non-designer ☺️