Convert any text into a Trello task

Tot is a fun and simple project. My friend @nimishpatel19 came up with an idea and under 18 hours we made this chrome extension (our first) which can help to convert any text in the task. πŸš€

Edit: tot will now save the source URL also :)

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For me, the best use case is adding the podcast from indiehackers to my trello board so later I can listen to it. Please give it a try and let me know if you want to integrate other task management tool like clickup or asana etc πŸ™
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@mhrnik Does this only copy the text or will it also provide the source URL from which the text was copied too?
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@growwithlogan Right now it;s only copying text. Providing website will come in next version :) Thanks for asking.
@mhrnik So cool! But yeah please add support for ClickUp!!!!
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@growwithlogan Hello Logan, tot now can support the source URL from where the test is copied :)