An easier, faster way to make decisions with friends

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Always interested in "experiments" produced at large companies. This one seems to want to tackle the meeting up and making decisions with friends and coworkers easier. At first I thought it was going to be like Swarm where you'd message a bunch of friends and try to make plans, but this one takes a different approach where you can create a quick poll and send it out to people for responses. One of the things I like about, is that scheduling is only type of poll. I like the idea of sending out a poll to a bunch of folks at work asking them the best place for lunch nearby. Then the next day I could add another question to the poll to schedule the lunch. The challenging piece of course right now is that I need invite friends and coworkers to use this app with me. FYI: You log in with your phone number, verify it, either enter your email or connect with Facebook. You're then prompted to give the app access to your contacts so you can invite friends.
From past experience I have found it impossible to get my circle on board with just one system. Like the look of it immensely but not available in Australian itunes store. Have written asking them if it will be.
@helencrozier agreed, it's tough with friends especially when their first reaction is "wait I have to sign up to another app". It's a pretty slick app, considering it has Office 365 integration I bet it would do well in corporate environments and figuring out plans in larger offices across departments.
As the maker of a similar app (, I'm intimidated by how well Microsoft has done with Tossup. I especially like the Yelp integration. But I agree that requiring every participant to install the app is a pretty big barrier, even when the app is free -- that's something I worked hard to avoid with VoteUp.