Toshl helps track all of your personal finances in one place. Track bank accounts, credit cards, cash, cryprocurrency investments. Budget and plan for the future. Support for all fiat and 30+ cryptocurrencies. More than 2.8 million users worldwide. Apps for Android, iOS, web.

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For a year and a half, I worked for a personal finance app. I can say from experience how hard it is to create something in that space that normal people can really get excited about and use in a way that builds long term habits. I got to know the Toshl guys while they were in 500 Startups MV accelerator. I love that these guys are throwing out all the preconceived notions of what's been done before and trying things that are different and new.
@thorpus Thank you Justin. We are trying to make finance more fun and dispel the usual notions of the personal finance boredom. :) We sure hope the Product Hunt community will like what Toshl has to offer.
I used this from 2013 and this is one of the best on the market. This version is cool with location, multi accounts and more, although I miss the simplicity of the old one. Good luck and keep trying for Android and WP version. You guys need more speed.
@hoandesign We completely agree and this version did take us "a bit" too long. It is a complete overhaul of everything, from the design, UX, backend up to payments. Now that we have this solid base to build on, we'll be able to move much quicker.
@hoandesign A desktop version as well. I can't imagine doing all of my finances solely on my phone.
@livejamie @hoandesign Here, we have you covered. We simultaneously launched a new web app that gives you all the space and comfort on a desktop. It's responsive, the controls are adapted for finger-sized taps so it works great on tablets of all sorts as well: Try it out.
@livejamie They made it before this iOS app. It's great too!
@maticbitenc @hoandesign Any timeline for the 2.0 Version ? Also given my bank isn't support, could I import the Data via API (I'd be the one providing my bank data in the right format)
I have been a paying customer of Toshl since May 2013. The new version of the Toshl website is far less usable than the previous version. The transactions data (my data, thousands of records carefully entered over three and a half years) is now relegated to a narrow column on the right of the screen, with most of the screen area given over to confusing visualisations and weird artwork. They could have improved the display of my data, the editing facilities or the search capability, but instead they seem to have spent two years drawing weird art and forgetting anything they knew about UI design. If it wasn't for the Android app I would already be back to using a spreadsheet. I am trialling YNAB.
Great product highly recommended.
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