A browser for the Ethereum network

Toshi is a browser for the Ethereum network that provides universal access to financial services.

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From Token: Token is a combination of a few things. It is: - A private and secure messaging app - A user controlled Ethereum wallet - A browser for Ethereum apps We were inspired by apps like WeChat that are driving a large volume of digital payments in China. We wanted to build something for the rest of the world that works on open protocols. You can read the announcement on Medium here @fredwilson also wrote about it here
@bentossell @fredwilson I think WeChat spend a lot of promoters and money to deal with both Chinese banks and Chinese users to promote WeChat payment
Just started exploring blockchain seriously when I registered for 21. That got me to signup for Coinbase. @brian_armstrong, why create something that is covering many areas (messaging, wallet, discovery)? I understand most of the problems you're trying to address are in the financial space.
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@brian_armstrong interesting idea. A little 'cryptic' and challenging to get up and running. App seems to generate new user accounts but then what? Coinbase is terrific and the opportunity to engage with Ethereum a definite but perhaps Token is still a bit early.
Really really into this product?project?company? from Coinbase. The blockchain has been waiting for its breakout app & this or something like it could be it. Question: is there a token crowdfund sale for this like there is for all the other Ethereum dApps?