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Your resume reinvented: a graph database portrait of you

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Torre Bio is your graph database of strengths, experiences, interests, and validations.

Enable other apps to access it, analyze it, and update it. Consider the potential: education, career advice, marketplaces, job boards, machine learning, etc.

Import your old resume to kickstart your free Bio, or get early access to Torre Bio’s free, open API.

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    Sabrina CadiniLie-Work Balance Strategist

    Excellent way to showcase your resume and skills



    I had the opportunity to test the product before it launched and it's amazing. I love the ability to gather experience, skills in different areas, and other relevant information in one place for easy access from potential clients, team members, recruiters, and more. It's also very easy to set up your page and make edits.

    Thank you Torre Bio!

    Sabrina Cadini has used this product for one month.
  • 62956
    exex zianSoftware Engineer

    good idea to depict resumes graphically but didnt worked my test


    Doesn't read uploaded pdfs

    tried torre bio with 10+ sample resumes in pdf format and it parsed none of them.

    exex zian has used this product for one day.


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Alexander TorrenegraMakerPro@torrenegra · CEO of Torre
Hello all 🖖 ! Today we’re releasing the first version of Torre Bio. Here’s why: We reckon the resume as we know it is a holdover from the past. Unfortunately, those websites who tried to modernize it merely brought it to the Internet instead of using the technology at their disposal to replace the resume with something more functional and up-to-date. Even worse: many of them paywalled their efforts. We decided to fix all that. We started off by asking ourselves this question: “If the resume were invented today, what would it be like” We immediately realized that a bio should be about managing one’s reputation. It should be a rich graph database of experiences, strengths, and interests. What’s more, usage should be free and unrestricted. Other apps should be able to enhance and expand its functionality. Consider the potential for a moment: education, career advice, marketplaces, job boards, machine learning, etc. Recommendation letters are just so last century, wouldn’t you agree? We believe the future of the resume is Torre Bio—and we’re inviting you to take it for a spin. We’ll listen very closely to your feedback so we can improve it 🙏 . Come along with us!
Jeffrey Wyman@jeffrey_wyman · At the intersection of Tech and Business
How would you compare to One thing they do very well is including a call to action on the page. This may work well for you. Also, I suggest including some links to sample profiles on the front page.
Alexander TorrenegraMakerPro@torrenegra · CEO of Torre
@jeffrey_wyman Thanks, Jeffrey. is primarily about having an online presence. Torre Bio is also about portability. Our users will soon be able to enable other apps to access, analyze, and update their Bio. Thanks for the tips. We'll include links to sample right away.
Erik Dungan@callmeed · Engineer @ Indeed
I've been told by multiple recruiters/hiring managers not to include a photo of myself in a resume (I used to have one in my PDF resume). Apparently some hiring managers will reject it purely to avoid any appearance/accusation of bias. Something to consider.
Alexander TorrenegraMakerPro@torrenegra · CEO of Torre
@callmeed Thanks, Erik. Thanks for the insigth. We'll keep it in mind.
Christo LA@christo_la · CEO,
Like the idea - gave it try - great tool with nice UI but would even be nicer if there was option to delete an account
Alexander TorrenegraMakerPro@torrenegra · CEO of Torre
@christo_la Thanks, Christo. We'll work on it soon. In the meantime, if you want your account deleted, please let us know and we'll take care of it manually.
Could be a nice idea to be able to scrape (without login?) LinkedIn profile and build in seconds an awesome resume.
Alexander TorrenegraMakerPro@torrenegra · CEO of Torre
@jslyonnais1 We wish that was possible, but LinkedIn blocks others from doing that, unfortunately :(