Mobile AR Platform for Experience Designers ✨

Torch is a cloud-based 3D design and prototyping app focused on mobile AR. Torch is like InVision or Framer, but for 3D.

Our Design Environment let you import assets, create complex interactions, arrange multiple scenes, and add real-time collaborators—all without ever leaving 3D or your mobile device.

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👋 Hello Product Hunt! Thank you @turoczy for the assist! Our team comes from several years of working in augmented reality (two of our founders us designed and built the Magic Leap developer SDK and tools). We are starting with a mobile app (iOS only for now) as the best combination of accessible, familiar and powerful enough for sophisticated 3D prototyping. Much of what we will expose through the mobile app will translate directly to dedicated spatial computing platforms like HoloLens, Magic Leap, and others. You can checkout our new website ( and our docs ( But feel free to ask questions here and we'll be watching!
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Thanks for hunting us @turoczy 👊
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Here’s a little peek into hooking up interactions across multiple objects in Torch. Give it a go!
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It is awesome to see such a great product as part of the Techstars family! Love the website as well 😃
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