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Hey everybody, welcome and thank you for checking us out. @nickshum and I are the cofounders of @topwick and we wanted to create a members-only online shop and journal for modern men looking to live more passionate, engaged and deliberate lives. Each week, we bring on new limited-time insider sales on up-and-coming brands (6 and counting!) paired with fresh daily content featuring the best of health, productivity, technology and design. Through our magazine / newsletter (2x / week), you’ll learn about our new sales, content and we’ll share our favorite curated articles and links from around the web. Oh yeah, and we’re including a 20% off code for the Product Hunt community! “HappyHunting”. So stick around, browse and (if you like what you see) signup. We hope you enjoy!
This is great. I think there's a huge untapped market online for more premium and curated products. The reality is that with income divides getting greater worldwide, there's a bigger audience for both low-cost and premium products/services. I want to try something in that area in the next few months too.
@levelsio Couldn't agree more man. There's been such an rise in men's online shopping and a shift towards small brands being "cool", it makes it a fun space to be in. I'm excited to see what you come up with. By the way, have to say that I love the story of Nomadlist. I check back on it about once a week to inspire myself to do something similar!
Before I forget, we have a welcome post for the PH community as well. Would love all of your thoughts :)
Is this inspired by Mr. John @Borthwick?
@decktonic hahah I wish I could say it was. But maybe we'll do a collaboration with @borthwick one of these days :)