Toptal is a marketplace for top developers and top companies

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I think its great for companies looking to quickly find a top developer for a project without spending all their time on sourcing a developer to fill a niche in a project. This is great especially for an MVP project or a side project.
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Ryan DetzelEngineer
I feel like great developers don't need a site like this to find a great job so companies will end up getting mediocre talent. I'm not saying this is bad it's just not "Top" talent.
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Shahed Khan
Co-founder @ Loom. Building for fun.
@ryandetzel Disagree. HIRED (formerly DeveloperAuction) also created a marketplace for talent (designers, product managers, engineers, etc.) Companies give a verbal offer up front to a candidate they find interesting. If the candidate finds the company interesting, they'll interview with the company, etc. It's an interesting model that's been proven to work. Even if you're not looking for a job, engineers use HIRED to see what type of offers they can receive from other companies, etc.
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Lexi Lewtan
Toptal only works if you work on a contract-to-hire basis, which many companies don't.
Miha RekarDeveloper
@lexilewtan That's not exactly true. Members of the Toptal network are contractors so normally they don't get hired by clients and Toptal doesn't push that. But sometimes it can happen - if both the client and the developer want that. But that's a minority of the cases.
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Steve Franco, CEOStaffzen: Marketplace of software devs
We are doing something very similar in this space at Wondering what other similar sites there are besides Toptal and us.