Create custom workouts & track your progress

Everything you need for smarter and better Workouts.
An application to manage all your workouts and shape.
Create personalized workouts based on time, distance or repetitions.
Record your shape and follow your progress!
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Many more features are coming, stay tuned with our Roadmap: And be sure to follow us on Facebook! πŸ’ͺ For suggestions, feature updates, reviews, everything, please contact us: πŸ™
Nikolay BilevCo-founder at Routitude
Hi Christophe! Great product. I like the ability to record training details for each workout in the app. It is really helpful for keeping track of the results and analysing your progress. Sometimes I forget to do my workout, especially on busy days. I think it could also be useful to set up a notification to get a reminder for a planned workout.
@bilevn Hey Nikolay, thanks for your message! It's definitely something I'm planning to add but haven't added it in my roadmap yet, I'll add it right now! Thanks 😊
Jesse JensenWeb Designer/Publisher
I have a question. Let's say I create the workout plans: Can I copy the plan that I need to repeat for the month and check the boxes as I go along? Then archive it for later?
@jessehojjensen Hey, yes, right now you can copy/duplicate your program (workout plan). When you are doing your workout, you can check to boxes as you go along. You can't archive your program's right now, but I can definitely add it in my roadmap. Feel free to test TopShape and contact me if you need anything 😊
Hey there! We've just released a new update with great new features, like the possibility to save your shape to track your progress! Check it out: