Simplest way to have impressive CV w/ Photoshop, AI skills.

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@exlemor, thank you for hunting us! Very excited to be on Product Hunt! I'm Hieu - Founder TopCV. TopCV is the “Simplest way to have impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) without Photoshop, AI skills”. We are eager to help jobseekers without Photoshop/AI skills to own the impressive CV. We created a simple resume building tool for us and our friends to use. Many young people don’t really know how to create a good resume just like we didn’t back then. TopCV wants to help people build a beautiful and professional resume and land their dream job. We’d really appreciate your feedback, it helps us grow and improve (y).
@trunghieuhf You're quite welcome :) Having never applied for a job myself, I have no idea how to build a good résumé/CV so I think this is great!
Excited to see TopCV here. Congrats Hieu & founding team with really great product
voted for the simple user experience of it
Thanks for reference. With this product, everyone can easy to have awesome CV.
Have just designed a CV recently by Ai and it took a great amount of time :) This tool sounds great :)