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Julien Lefebvre
Julien LefebvreMaker@djulez · CTO, Top250
Hi All, Thanks @metehan777 for hunting! My name is Julien and I am very proud to introduce to you my website named Top250. At the beginning, this is the story of a French guy who, one evening, found nothing to watch (neither Movie nor TV Show) and who did think that it is a pity in the World 2.0. So, I decided to develop a website for my personal usage only in order to generate recommendation. At the beginning, this service was intended for my personal usage only but at the end of the day it may apply to all of you. You get it, right! Top250 suggests Movies and TV Shows based on a user per user approach. I acknowledge not being the only one to provide this kind of service (some of my peers are even big players on the market). But between us, if their services were great and efficient, I would not have to create Top250 XD. Top250 is not only suggesting main stream movies that are well known by everybody, or suggesting Star Wars if you would like to watch a science-fiction movie… No, our in-house developed algorithm is a learning machine which generates personalized and accurate recommendations, on a user profile approach. We estimate the accuracy of our recommendation algorithm higher than 80% as of today. After the launch of Top250, two passionate of Cinema have joined me in this adventure. Today the team is made up of 3 persons who share the same goal: create a new ecosystem in the world of Movies and TV Shows. Just to let you know where we are standing in term of initiatives and technical implementations, we are currently focusing mainly on designing and on creating affiliate links. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback. Don’t forget also to like our Facebook page: ;) Please don’t hesitate to support our initiative by creating an account on My Best Regards
Metehan Yesilyurt
Metehan YesilyurtHunter@metehan777 · Search Experience Optimizer @onediocom
Hey @djulez thanks for this awesome tool and the introduction! I'll keep following Top250!
Julien Lefebvre
Julien LefebvreMaker@djulez · CTO, Top250
@metehan777 Thank you!