It ranks the top 100 posts of any Instagram public user

Top100posts is a quick and free tool for Instagram content curators and social media professionals.
Simply search any Instagram public profile and find out its most viral content in terms of Engagement (likes + comments), Likes only or Comments only.
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Definitely the easiest to use tool for this. Great work! Had one feature request though. Will it be possible to embed the results in another website, which updates the list every few days? Could be quite helpful for influencer marketing companies.
@suvam_sibasish Thanks and really interesting idea! It's definitely do-able. Got a few other updates we are working on now but writing this one done.
@r1 Is it possible to develop a similar thing for tiktok? It's the fastest growing platform in India and China ,and has surpassed quarterly downloads of all social media apps last quarter. Lots of influencer marketing platforms are already tapping into it here. It works in the same manner as instagram website does. All the public profiles are listed as and posts have views, likes and comments listed.
@suvam_sibasish very interesting comment. we are seeing how we can replicate the tool for TikTok with its API. If possible, we'll develop it and will let you know when it's live. Thanks for the tip.
I was searching for a tool like this for ages and couldn't find it. So I developed it. I believe It’s a great way to discover what type of content stands out for brands and influencers, on Instagram. The system can take up to 20-50 seconds to rank the most engaging 100 posts, so thanks for your patience. Methodology: We analyse the last 500 posts of the IG account searched and then rank the 100 most engaging posts.
Cool idea! Not sure if the site just got overloaded but it has been trying to load for the past 20 minutes on the user i gave it with no success yet
@paul_brenner Thanks. Ay exactly, we are on it.
the system is a bit overloaded, but should work now
I like the idea to easily see what works or not on your instagram account. Nice! I have a few questions: how many posts do you compare? How long back in time can you go? And what is the "engagement formula" ratio?
@benjmerritt Thanks for the feedback! So the system takes into account the last 500 posts. We might analyse more posts in the future but we'd like to keep a reasonable loading time for now. The time a post was posted does not matter, as long as it's in the last 500 posts. The "Engagement" is simply "Likes" + "Comments". You can also search by "likes" only or "comments" only in the "Sorted by" section. The "Engagement Rate" is average "Engagement" divided by number of followers.