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As a UX designer who initially broke into the UX field through trial and error, I built this site to help people who are new to UX to find UX programs that are suitable for them.
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Hi all, this is my first time launching on Product Hunt & also the first time I made a product for the community (design) I care about. Any feedback is welcome! Thank you ❤️
@kaitinghuang congrats on your first launch, this is really useful! Do you plan on adding other resources such as bootcamps and online courses?
@graeme_fulton Hi Graeme, this is a great feedback! My original intention was to start with a list of more manageable and verifiable list (e.g. university degrees). As the project evolves, it's definitely worthwhile to add bootcamps and online courses to accommodate different people's interest. Thanks!!
@kaitinghuang sounds good, would love to somehow see outcomes of courses too! because i think a lot can achieved self-taught, without any uni degree
@graeme_fulton I completely agree. I'm in the process of coming up with a better way to measure the "outcome". It's tricky because a person's job title doesn't necessarily reflect the impact or satisfaction. If you have any idea, feel free to let me know!
This looks awesome and very beneficial for people interested in HCI careers! Thanks for making this!
@mahvishmi Thank you! I'm glad you find it useful :)
Congrats, I think this is really inspirational. I could see you doing YouTube videos about this project and interviewing UX professionals in Silicon Valley. This is essentially because video is the way to reach young people today and a YouTube channel is definately the way to go also since you work at Google. I do think courses and short-tutorials would also be a way to monetize sometime down the road if that's what you choose to pursue. You seem quite serious about this, so you need to diversify this project into a YouTube Channel, a Medium Publication, a Brand name, An inspirational community, and a startup that has some unique value proposition. You could make an annual list of top UX Designers under 25 with their biographies. You could also have a business aspect where you help UX designers in Asia transition to the U.S., England and Canada. From humble beginnings I have a feeling this project could scale well. It just depends where your heart is at.
@mike_k_spencer Hi Michael, thanks for the abundant suggestions about the future direction! Definitely everything you mentioned is worth considering. I'm in the process of figuring out "where my heart is" ;) Will keep you updated! Thanks again!
@kaitinghuang This product is so, super useful! I just want to say one thing - the HCI master's for the Rochester Institute of Technology doesn't require a GRE for domestic US students and the degree can be completed either on campus or online. Thank you for this product! Upvoted for sure 👍
@archaeologis Thank you for the nice words and the suggestion! I'll update the info on the site soon. :)))