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Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
I found Product Hunt. I think it's too far down the list. Upvote if you agree, comment in emoji if you disagree.

Mubashar Iqbal — Making side projects for fun and profit
@nivo0o0 Not sure I was supposed to reply, since I agree. Was sort of surprised with the list. I thought tech/startups Publications would dominate the list a lot more at the top.
Silvia Li — Content Marketing@ Startup Grind
Thanks for adding @startupgrind on it! Product Hunters. Leading the SG Medium Publication (58k+), feel free to tweet or message me if you have a piece you want to submit 😎 🙌🏽 cc @nityanator @gasiorekm
Michael Gasiorek — Editor @ Startup Grind
@lisamsilvia Excited to see @startupgrind up there! We're doing our best :)
Silvia Li — Content Marketing@ Startup Grind
Adam Marx — CEO, Glipple, Inc.
@lisamsilvia @startupgrind @nityanator @gasiorekm This is great! Love seeing a ton of amazing material that I didn't even know about now presented easily. Great hunt @erictwillis!
Misbah Ashraf — Product Growth @toymailco
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