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Top Publications is the best place to find Medium publications to read or submit your articles too for publication. Search by keyword, or use the tags and topics to find the perfect publication!

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A couple of years ago I built a very quick MVP, a leaderboard of the top publications on Medium. Just a single page that listed publications ordered by the number of followers. Fast forward a couple of years, and the MVP is still getting traffic, and the popularity of Medium publications is stronger than ever. I decided it was time to upgrade the MVP to version 1.0 The one page website, has become a collection of over 1400 publications, each with their own page of information. The publications are filterable by tags and topics. You can like publications you want to track. You can submit reviews of the publications you love, or perhaps don't. A wrote more about the process of going from MVP to version 1.0 in, of course, my Medium publication: Looking forward to hearing what you think or my "little" upgrade.
Thanks for this. Just bookmarked this and other tool Both are really great way to browse
And are you using some kind of API to pull this data or how it works?
@evivz I use the official API for the authentication portion to be able to like and review publications. Some good old fashion scraping to get other parts of the data.
@mubashariqbal great work, I've been a long time user for publication!
As always, Mubs with the brilliant ideas and execution 😊

I used this for a long time, and glad to see it's being improved!


Great to keep track of and discover popular publications