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Thanks for hunting this @erictwillis. There are a lot of Twitter lists, but I'm finding that not a lot of them are being used heavily, which probably has something to do with the fact that Twitter seems to be hiding the functionality. Hopefully with a little better visibility and discoverability provided here, we can change that. There are so many people that love Twitter and want it to succeed (me included!). I wish that Twitter would allow us makers the ability to really extend and make full use of the platform they have built. The API limits are a bit of joke and people are constantly worried about their access being revoked, with little warning and no recourse.
@mubashariqbal Nice one, and totally agree on the API limits!
@mubashariqbal @erictwillis I definitely agree about the poor visibility, which is why I created Twitter Lists Redux: Hopefully that'll help you enjoy Top Lists a bit more! ✨
Nice - I saw a little preview of this yesterday and already knew Mubs would be building it. One thing that would make this useful for me would be categories :) - because One Direction and Biebs aren't of interest to me, and they take up too much on the list ha
@bentossell Definitely could do with a full blown taxonomy system here, figured the search would help mitigate some of that, because categorizing everything would take a reaaaaaaaaaly long time 😴
@mubashariqbal stop being lazy dude...Im sure you have loads of spare time between projects - just add categories 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
@bentossell Totes had you pegged as a One Direction man. Where did I go wrong?
@kkdub when they broke up.... (not really)
Mubs created this after a tweetstorm by @mazzeo regarding Twitter lists. Mubs talks about that here:
This is really interesting. I am trying to make a similiar product to a dedicated niche: people that work inside companies. This is where I am at the minute, if anyone wants to help, it would be great
@fabiouser This look really interesting. I was contemplating using ProductHunt data to do something like this. Since each product has a list of makers, you can turn that list into companies (or teams). Would help with some of the leg work, since most of the makers are tied to a twitter account.
@mubashariqbal True. Problem with product hunt is the range. Its to narrow, focusing mostly on product teams. Will post the idea on GIT sometime soon
Agreed, lists are buried on Twitter and yet they could be super useful if the right features were in place (like being able to tweet *only* with members of a list)... In my spare time, I even started to work on a similar side project (see simple mockup: Thanks for hunting @erictwillis and @mubashariqbal for shipping it!
@gabszanto Thanks! I was thinking about having a "featured" section on the page, that kind of layout would great there 👌 // @erictwillis