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#4 Product of the DayAugust 14, 2018

We’ve analyzed 3,295,000+ bloggers and ranked them by the number of real followers and authentic engagement. Now you can understand the real landscape of influencers in your target country or category to make better marketing campaigns.

Find out who are the most influential bloggers with HypeAuditor.

  • Вика
    ВикаBitrix24 Marketing Manager

    It's an honest rating which might be helpful in the marketing work and decision making



    Very helpful tool

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  • Alexey Kapitansky
    Alexey KapitanskyProduct manager, LLC Fotostrana

    Great idea, nice metrics and an awesome looking website


    None (that I can see up until now)

    I really like it!

    Alexey Kapitansky has used this product for one day.
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Leo Zhavoronkov
Leo ZhavoronkovMaker@leonid_zhavoronkov
👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) Earlier this year we launched HypeAuditor aka Auditor for Instagram - AI-powered Instagram analytics tool that helps safeguard authenticity in influencer marketing. It applies machine learning to determine behavioral patterns and identify fake followers and engagement on influencer accounts. Today I'm excited to introduce you the new feature of HypeAuditor – Instagram Influencers Ranking. For marketers, it’s very important to understand the real landscape of influencers in their target country and niche. Until recently it was almost impossible to do because of the rise of cheating methods among influencers. Over 30% of Instagram accounts are fake and non-active. To help marketers we decided to make a fair Instagram Influencers top. Now you can find who are the most influential bloggers in your country, niche or both. How can you use Instagram Influencers Ranking? Let's say you plan to launch a new beauty product in France and decided to find some influencers to work with. You will spend a lot of time searching for relevant influencers on Instagram, Google, influencer marketing platforms and etc.  Despite this, there is no confidence that these collaborations would be successful. You don't know how many real followers these influencers actually have and how engaged are they. With HypeAuditor Instagram Influencers Ranking you can find relevant influencers within a minute. We rank them by the number of real followers and authentic engagement. Work with the best and stay on top of the latest trends in influencer marketing. Ping us if you have any questions :) Would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers! Leo P.S. Here is a promo code to check 3 Instagram accounts on HypeAuditor for free - PRODUCTHUNT. Give it a try:
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@leonid_zhavoronkov , Product looks dope. Random thought if you have started with B2B sales : a) Target B2C companies who have recently raised Series A and above funding. Since they have recently raised money, they have money in their pockets. They will be willing to invest money in influencer marketing and would need tool like yours to evaluate the influencers. b) Target companies who are hiring for influencer marketing. It gives the signal that these companies are willing to invest in a influencer marketing and hence hiring for that role.
Dontae Mears
Dontae Mears@realdontae · VP, Product & Partnerships
@leonid_zhavoronkov Does this utilize Instagram private (deprecated) API to pull updated follower list, counts, media and to analyze suspicious followers?
Vladimir Polo
Vladimir Polo@vladimirpolo · CEO of
Very nice video, guys!
Anna Komok
Anna KomokMaker@anna_komok · Marketing, HypeAuditor
@vladimirpolo Thank you!
Piar Fast
Piar Fast@remont_kvartir92 · @remont_kvartir92
Very nice video))!!
Johan Kist
Johan Kist@johan_kist · Manager Europe & Africa, Nexus Merchants
Very nice! i will follow this
Pavel  Suslov
Pavel Suslov@psuslov · Content Creator, Warner Bros Records
Great product, guys! 🙏🏼
Anna Komok
Anna KomokMaker@anna_komok · Marketing, HypeAuditor
@psuslov Thank you:)