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Best crypto initial coin offering list & ICO calendar 2018

Top ICO List: Best initial coin offering list for 2018. Get the best ICOs (active and upcoming) in one quick listing. Top ICO list is curated and updated daily.

Explore the best new cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs) using the active ICO, pre ICO and upcoming ICO tabs. Hottest new ICOs added daily!

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Top ICO List provides an up to date list of all the the active & up coming Initial coin offerings (ICO). The token frenzy has never been greater and neither has the need for an actively refreshed list on the coins worth following. Top ICO List is the new trusted source for enriched information that can be used by investors, analysts, journalists, and anyone interested in following this booming industry. Our aim is to make investing in token offerings as simple as possible by making it easy to track and discover the latest and greatest offerings out there. We filter out the nonsense so you don’t have to. Top ICO List also offers FREE alerts to your inbox once new ICOs hit the market, so you don't miss out on anything. Would love to hear some honest & blunt feedback on the MVP?
@henrikharju fix your contact page on website
I came here thinking it has something to do with House of Cards lol
@thepenwoman HAHAH! Took me a while to get it...
Interesting list. Seems like the 'Add ICO' button isn't working though.
@nils_de_moor Yeah kinda forgot it there for now. Will add functionality today. Fucking forms...
Hey Henrik! Thanks for putting this together. What tests/analysis are you using to curate the ICOs listed on your site?
@nickabouzeid Just checking the main sites & forums daily to update the site & email subscribers that a new ICO is out. Not doing massive curation yet, aka if it's a good investment or not. Is there something, in particular, you'd find beneficial/valuable that's not there yet?
@henrikharju Just noticed a large number of missing ICOs from each list - was curious how you chose the sample that's listed on your site!
@nickabouzeid Yeah will be adding the rest in shortly.

Tons of ICOS on here to go through


Plenty of ICO's listed!


Could be a little more user friendly