Top Hunts Daily

Twitter bot of the top 5 products on Product Hunt daily

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Well done, @janklimo. πŸ‘πŸΌ What other ideas or stats have you considered adding to the bot? Anything from the API that's missing you'd need?
@rrhoover Thank you, Ryan! The API had everything I need. There were minor issues a while back but they got resolved quickly. It's a breeze to work with :) Is there anything you'd add yourself to make it more useful to you guys or the end user?
Thank you for the hunt, @_jacksmith! Hey PH! This project has been fine-tuned over a couple months and I’m happy to present it to you today. Top Hunts Daily is a twitter bot you can follow to get a visual summary of what happened on Product Hunt over the last 24 hours. It tags the top makers and links to the top product. One tweet per day, minimal :) I built it as a way to: 1) easily keep an eye on the top products - if certain products dominated the day, I’ll check them out for sure 2) follow the top makers 3) spread some love :) the bot sends a customized tweet to every hunter and maker involved with one of the top 5 products. Easy to retweet or embed in a blog post - it’s something I wish I had when I first launched on PH and the response has been pure <3 Fun fact #1: The bot is also building lists of top makers and top hunters. These are updated daily: (1800+ members) (550+ members) Fun fact #2: You can find all the past dates with interactive charts here (since Aug 2016): https://tophuntsdaily.herokuapp.... Happy to answer any questions!
Absolutely love @tophuntsdaily! Neatly done app. Pure gold for product enthusiasts.
I love my PH Bots Doper than a muthaucka 🚬🚬
@dredurr haha thank you Deandre πŸ˜‚πŸ»
I keep seeing Top Hunts Daily in the @ProductHunt mentions, good to finally see the friendly πŸ€– on Product Hunt!
@nivo0o0 thanks Niv! 😊