#3 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2015

TL;DR for Medium. Just hover over any Medium post to view its Top Highlight.

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Very clever, @admavv. Just installed the extension: I'd be curious to see a feed of the most popular highlights across Medium. Not sure it's something I would regularly visit but could be a fun way to discover articles.
@rrhoover Thanks! Glad you found this extension handy. Very interesting idea to explore.
@admavv @rrhoover pls also see https://www.producthunt.com/post... - this chrome extension lets you collect and email all your highlights in a snap.
I'm still working on finding the difference between medium and blogger...
@passingnotes check out this interview with @ev and @pkafka on Re/code Decode and it might clear things up.
@passingnotes The simple design, the writing community and the intuitive ease of use, for starters.
@passingnotes medium is more casual about writing. You don't have to commit. With Blogger you're more pressed to write. As Ev said on the Re/code Decode interview, with Blogger you're making more of a long term commitment.
@passingnotes sorry, but you really have to enjoy kool aid to subscribe to the "difference" - it is what it is: a web site where people write stuff and read stuff. experience includes: writing stuff or reading stuff. this has been done before, it's called blogger.
@passingnotes Actually you are right. Medium is the same Blogger in the way it works with information and structures it — but with better UX. Looks like there was no real progress in terms of structuring and working with content in Medium after Blogger—both created by Ev. Medium even dumbes down the process in many ways—some helpful, some not. I found blogger to be more interesting and much better, especially if one knows a little bit of basic HTML & CSS. Tried Medium, but decided not to use it—it just steals your audience, limits ways you structure your content and engage with your audience.
I like this. I don't think it replaces reading the article, but it's like adding a pull quote.
@admavv - what was your inspiration here?
@bentossell I see highlights as the real USP of Medium. We all use them to decide whether we should bother to read the rest, so I figured they should be much more accessible.
Can we get this for Safari as well? I use both but prefer to read Medium in Safari.