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#5 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2017

Stop switching windows to visit your favorite websites. Now you just type "/request producthunt" in Slack to view top daily hunts right there πŸ‘Œ

Remote workers feel disconnected so having more interesting stuff in Slack will result in better engagement and team culture.

Websites supported: Product Hunt, Hacker News, Medium, Reddit, TechCrunch πŸ”₯

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Hey, Product Hunters! Alex is here along with @artem_borodin. You may know us by building Standuply Slack bot & gathering 1000 Slack groups we featured on PH. Thanks @erictwillis for hunting us. First of all, we'd like to wish you Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year. Have a great time with your loved ones πŸŽ„ One day we got an idea: "wouldn't it be cool to get top hunts from Product Hunt in our Slack on a schedule?" Then we expanded the scope to Medium, Reddit, etc. It seemed like a feasible and useful add-on to the Slack bot we're working on. Today we're presenting to you the way to get news in your Slack from: - Product Hunt: - Medium: - Hacker News: - Reddit: - Techcrunch: You pick a schedule and then the bot will serve data in your Slack on that schedule. Also, you can access data at any moment by using the slash command /request. It pulls the data and serves it in Slack. The best thing - it's free. Standuply bot charges for standup meetings and the feature of web updates is not the part of that process. We'd like to get your feedback and find out what other websites/tools we can connect to. Alex πŸ™Œ CEO and Co-founder at P.S. We've got X-Mas present for AI/ML geeks: A List of 200 AI/ML Conferences for 2018 (the largest list of its kind online). Check it out -
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Well done, guys!
i've just added it to Slack....Very useful and simple to use. Thanks !
@ahounoukhaled thanks! which service is your #1?
Awesome, installed!
Seems like a useful product. I will try it with my remote team.