TOP 101 Growth Hacks 2.0

Best new growth hacking ideas that INSPIRE you

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FREE for 2 days on Amazon. Hey ProductHunters! My first book - “TOP 101 growth hacks” became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in “Marketing for small businesses”. Despite the fact that there are a lot of punctuation and grammatical mistakes (I’m not a native English speaker), the book is among TOP 10 bestsellers for over a year in 3 marketing related categories on Amazon. This is a 2nd book from the series. You’ll find here new best 101 growth hacks. These are exactly the same growth hacks I shared previously with my invitation-only community of growth hackers. People from companies like Uber, Microsoft, Adobe, Disney, Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, SalesForce, Sony/PlayStation, Indiegogo, TechStars, Samsung read my daily growth hacks. Some of the growth hacks from the book: + The easiest way to get first users + Simplest trick to gain prospects from Twitter + One word, one emphasis: +20% increase + 6258% to the price to sell the product + Case study: 2,000,000 downloads + The easiest way to connect with influencers + Chrome Web Store boosted traffic by 2,000% + Case study: #3 on Google in 14 days + TOP 3 tools for link-building + Reduce Facebook ads cost by 41% + 85 times smaller CTRs + 55%-400% more leads + (A/B test) A 60% increase in signups + Case study +178% more repeat business + This boosted conversions by 785% in one day + One line of code: revenue +500% + Case study Double the donation + 367% boost in revenue + This simple trick boosted revenue by 600% + 71% to referral activation + From 150K users to 2M in 5 months ... For those of you who doesn't have access to the US Amazon, here are the links to the local stores in other countries: UK: DE: FR: ES: IT: NL: JP: BR: CA: MX: AU: IN:
@happyaladdin Always love to read more about growth hacking and find out new ideas, thanks for sharing, will check it out! ;)
@wploop My pleasure ;)
I have his original book, i have purchased it and he is a personal friend of mine, his books are masterpieces, i am going to read this ;-) i hope it's more than super. Well done Aladdin :-)
Thanks Aladdin, looks great! Have a great day :)
@paul_shuteyev Thank you. U2 ;) What's your favorite growth hack from the book?
Thanks Aladdin! The #1 gh idea is brilliant!
Aladdin has complied an awesome swipe file of cool tips, tricks and Yoda-like lessons. Out of the 100+ in the book, every one contains learnings, and for us at least 30 action-right-now hacks. And Dude, your English rocks! Well done and thanks!
@simonstjohn Haha. "your English rocks!" - yeah, as for a dude from Ukraine :). Thank you for your kind words.
@happyaladdin yeah really! Good on you.....great job.